Blue Skies in April – Introduction

This plan was hatched back in late 2006, probably over a few beers in one of Chesham’s pubs. Long time friend and fellow cyclist Mr Darren Mills & I decided that it would be a good idea to visit our old mate Richie at his home in Amsterdam over in the Netherlands, and to do the trip on our bicycles.

In the UK the Friday and Monday either side of Easter weekend are public holidays, therefore by taking the Tuesday to Thursday as holiday it is possible to have 10 consecutive days off work whilst only using up 4 days of our precious annual leave.

Our itinerary is simple, we plan to spend Friday riding east to the port of Harwich where we can catch a boat to the Netherlands. From there we ride north to Amsterdam, stay a day or two and then cycle back to England via Holland, Belgium and France.

Have a browse through the photographs and see how we get on…


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