Days 109, 110 and 111: A holiday in Comacchio

Rest day one: We spent the morning by the pool (having paid a €€6 supplement each) and spent the afternoon by the sea. You can sit in the beach bar for free so long as you buy a drink.  So even that’s not really free. I went for a short swim in the Adriatic. It is the warmest seawater I’ve ever been in and also the murkiest, I was unable even to see my feet when paddling in it.

Rest day two: Pool in the morning, seaside in the afternoon, there was a storm at night.

Rest day three: Back to the pool in the morning, seaside in the afternoon again.

A pleasant few days off but it will be nice to get back on the road tomorrow.

Our delicious vegetable barbeque

Our delicious vegetable barbeque

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