Day 84: Susten to Col de la Forclaz

Sunday June 26, 2005, 76 km (47 miles) – Total so far: 4,929 km (3,063 miles)

We enjoyed scorching hot sunshine for our ride along the Rotten (Rhône) in the Valais valley. The cycling was great, mostly cycle paths through many orchards and vineyards. We nicked a few apricots which although not yet ripe were full of flavour.

The climb of the Col de la Forclaz was a real killer in the afternoon heat. Our campsite tonight is on top of the Col itself, the altimeter says that the tent is pitched at 1534 m, the highest we’ve camped by a long way.

My camera suddenly stopped working last night so we’ve a short ride down to Chamonix tomorrow to buy a replacement together with a map of France.

Col de la Forclaz

The beginning of the Col de la Forclaz


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