Day 6: Itziar –to Donostia San Sebastian

Saturday April 9, 2005, 54 km (34 miles) – Total so far: 350 km (217 miles)

Hail fell from the sky throughout the night. The worst of it cleared up by the morning, but it was still miserable weather wise, only 9°c when we found the tourist office in the beautiful city of San Sebastian. We have the Tourist Office in Deba to thank for finding us last night’s campsite. I’ve never used them before, but I think they are likely to be an invaluable resource on this trip.

We stayed in the youth hostel at San Sebastian and cooked dinner in the members’ kitchen. Good hostel, our only complaint was the party of kids whose supervisors decided it was a good idea to let them get drunk, they made a load of noise all night.

Today's weather was unbelievable, just look at that sky

Today’s weather was unbelievable, just look at that sky


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