Day 54: Mariazell to Bruck a.d. Mur – Hinterberg

Friday May 27, 2005, 91 km (57 miles) – Total so far: 3,342 km (2,077 miles)

We had scorching sunshine again for our second full day in the mountains, which included one very steep 12% climb to our lunch stop at 1254m, there was quite a bit of snow about on the surrounding peaks. I think we got at least a couple of great photos.

We’ve rented ourselves a small caravan for the night (€€20) at Hinterberg, about 3 km from Leoben. Tomorrow’s ride will take us to Graz where Austria’s largest music festival is currently taking place. Hope it’s not too busy.

As we experienced in Italy last year, the motorcyclists are a constant pest on the mountain roads and they ride just as dangerously here in Austria, it’s no wonder so many are killed each week. We regularly pass roadside memorials placed there by their families, but the riders themselves are going to fast to notice them. Sad.

Amazing views from the descent of Seebergsattel

Amazing views from the descent of Seebergsattel



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