Day 36: Lauingen to Ingolstadt

Monday May 9, 2005, 125 km (78 miles) – Total so far: 2,438 km (1,515 miles)

It was a nice long hilly ride to Ingolstadt, for me at least. Agata took the train due to a pulled muscle (we hope) in her leg. The weather still bad, but set to improve, so we’re camping for a couple of nights in Ingolstadt. We are disappointed with the campsite and hope it’s not going to be the same across Germany, there are loads of dirty empty caravans which look as if they are a permanent fixture.

What the guide books don’t mention is that this stretch of the radweg (cycle path) is not all on ‘made up’ roads – one minute you’re on tarmac and the next you can be doing a bit of cyclocross. I would recommend a wider choice of tyres than our 700 x 28s, it’s quite difficult to steer on some of the rougher surfaces.

The radweg at Grünau

The radweg at Grünau

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