Day 28: Dole to Besançon

Sunday May 1, 2005, 69 km (43 miles) – Total so far: 1,721 km (1,069 miles)

From the snow and ice of just a week ago, we’re now in the middle of a heat wave. Today was as hot as a good day in August by UK standards. We followed the river Doubs north towards Besançon with a strong tail wind and arrived just after lunch. There was a great cycle path along the side of the river that led us right to the city centre.

We’re camping on a municipal campsite again tonight. It’s a nice site but a bit too near the road and railway, and miles from the city. Today is a Sunday and all the shops are closed, we’re too far out to find a restaurant, so for the first time this evening we’re going to have to eat the emergency meal – which is a carton of pumpkin soup and some rice. I guess that’s pumpkin risotto then.

A wier on the river Doubs in Dole

A wier on the river Doubs in Dole

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