Day 24: Anse & Villefranche

Wednesday April 27, 2005

It rained during the night, which isn’t a bad thing when you’re tucked warm up in a waterproof tent. Unfortunately our doesn’t seem to be. The damn thing can’t have seen more than six weeks service and it leaks like a sieve. Luckily for us, it was sunny again by the time we got up.

Today we visited Villefranche by bus, it’s a nice typically French mid-sized town. We blew today’s budget on bike cleaning stuff, a dozen postcards and some waterproofing spray for the tent.

We cleaned the bikes in the afternoon, what filth, and after only 23 days riding. The brake blocks needed replacing on both (a job that should really have been done before we left) and I don’t have the correct sized spanner, we’ll look out for a cycle shop tomorrow.

The local wildlife certainly thinks summer’s arrived. There are snails, spiders, beetles, earwigs and various flying beasties everywhere.

Anse itself deserves a special mention. It has a great little historic centre complete with castle.

The old town of Anse, nice flowers

The old town of Anse, nice flowers

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