Day 23: Roanne to Anse

Tuesday April 26, 2005, 89 km (55 miles) – Total so far: 1,412 km (877 miles)

We’re camping tonight at Anse on the banks of the Saône river, just north of our first month’s target city of Lyon. Our campsite ‘Les Portes du Beaujolais’ is a bit noisy because between us and the old town of Anse is the Autoroute du Soleil which runs from Paris to the Mediterranean Sea. Here’s their website…

It was a beautiful sunny day, the best of the trip so far by a long way. I even have some light sunburn. Perhaps spring has sprung? It was a great ride over the mountains to the Saône river. A lovely day. We have another rest day planned for tomorrow to explore Villefranche which is 5km north of here.

View from the climb of the Col de la Cambuse

View from the climb of the Col de la Cambuse

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