Day 199: Seville to La Puebla del Río

Wednesday October 19, 2005, 24 km (15 miles) – Total so far: 12,207 km (7,585 miles)

We had a short (but tricky) ride out to our friend Álvaro’s family farm in nearby Puebla del Río. The motorways being the problem again, we managed to cross the river along a footpath beside the motorway, and then push the bikes down a steep bank where we were able to pick up a cycle path out of the city. Unless you know the city well, it is extremely difficult to leave on a bicycle.

Today’s 24 kilometres were sadly the last of our tour; we now have to box up the bikes and arrange transport back to Blighty where the weather will be a little different to what we’ve become accustomed to. It’s still so amazingly hot here even in late October. I can already smell the mists and damp of England.

The countryside near Seville on our last day of cycling Cacti near Seville

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