Day 195: Marbella to Ronda

Saturday October 15, 2005, 64 km (40 miles) – Total so far: 11,986 km (7,448 miles)

We had a big climb over the Sierra Palmitera mountain range to Ronda and were up as high as 1125m in places.

Ronda is an amazing little town, what a find. We weren’t even planning to come this way but were forced inland because all roads following the coast are motorways.

It’s a great little town built either side of a bridge crossing a massive gorge. There are lots of tourists here even though it’s out of season. We’ve found a real bargain of a hostel too, at only €€20 a night it’s the cheapest we’ve stayed in. The hostel is actually for sale; maybe we should move here? Great weather, nice mountains, good cycling country, it’s certainly something to think about.

1065 meters and we're still going up, is that snow in the distance?

1065 meters and we’re still going up, is that snow in the distance?


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