Day 190: Sightseeing in Granada / La Alhambra

Monday October 10, 2005

Not to be confused with the shopping centre of the same name in Barnsley, the Alhambra was simply stunning. It was a shame about the rain (at least we weren’t riding today) as it spoilt the gardens a little. It was very cold too.

On a hill overlooking Granada, the Alhambra is a sprawling palace that comprises fantastic gardens, royal residential quarters, court complexes, official chambers, baths, and a mosque. It’s strange to think that Spain’s best tourist attraction wasn’t built by the Spanish, but by North African Muslims.

The weather brightened up a little in the afternoon and we took a stroll around the city. We saw a weather forecast on the Internet and it’s bad news… 3 more days of heavy rain are ahead.

We went out for an Indian meal in the evening, I ordered roughly the same from the menu as I would have had back home, an excellent meal. I think it may well have been better than in England.

Views of Granada and a mosque from La Alhambra

Views of Granada and a mosque from La Alhambra

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