Day 19: Bort-les-Orges to Le Mont-Dore

Friday April 22, 2005, 46 km (29 miles) – Total so far: 1,165 km (724 miles)

Double chevrons for breakfast… it was a VERY steep climb to leave the Dordogne’s deep gorge and head for the mountains. Our lunch of Boursin cream cheese and crusty brown bread was taken at a particularly attractive location, by the side of a waterfall and in beautiful spring sunshine.

It was really hot climbing today, so pretty strange to be riding with snow at the sides of the road. We saw several cars with skis on their roofs, which I guess means that the winter season’s not quite over yet. It was possible to see the snow capped peaks of the Auvergne volcanoes as we climbed towards Le Mont-Dore, we were as high as 1400m before descending to the town. The town itself pretty much were the Dordogne begins and was France’s third ever ski resort so full of hotels, bars and restaurants.

Does anyone have any snow boots?

Does anyone have any snow boots?

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