Day 159: le Pont-de-Montvert to Millau

Friday September 9, 2005, 108 km (67 miles) – Total so far: 9,716 km (6,037 miles)

We rode the length of the Gorge du Tarn, which was probably the most attractive of the French gorges, it definitely helped that it was mostly downhill. The gorge itself is as deep as the Ardèche but a little wider so has many small villages actually in the valley; it certainly makes the ride more interesting, I must have taken over 30 photos today.

Millau looks like a lively little town and we can see the now famous motorway viaduct in the distance. We’ve found a very cheap hotel near the centre; at €€27 it’s cheaper than many of the campsites in Italy. It’s pretty basic, but who cares. Lots more rain is forecast, and after drying out the tent at the side of the road over lunch, we didn’t want to risk camping again.

Low cloud looms above this painted café

Low cloud looms above this painted café


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