Day 152: Apt to Sault

Friday September 2, 2005, 89 km (55 miles) – Total so far: 9,349 km (5,809 miles)

In the morning we did a little tour of some lovely Provençal villages; Roussillon where the ochre pigment is made (and they charge €6 for two cups of coffee), Murs where we had our packed lunch, Methams and Villes-sur-Auzon.

After lunch, we rode up Gorges de la Nesque to the summit at 734m for spectacular views back down the gorge.

There were plenty of views of Mount Ventoux looming over us; this is the first time we’ve been able to see the summit before we start the climb. If the weather holds there should be some great views from the summit.

We’re staying in the municipal campsite in Sault camping under pine trees. We’ve been told there is a high risk of fire and cooking with a naked flame is banned, that rules out cooking anything so we have a rotisserie chicken for dinner.

There’s a French cycle tourist camped next to us, he’s recently retired and is on his way south to Spain where he’s planning to catch a boat to Africa then cycle south through Morocco to Dakar. A very brave man.

A tunnel through the rock on the Gorges de la Nesque

A tunnel through the rock on the Gorges de la Nesque


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