Day 145: Laiguéglia to Nice

Friday August 26, 2005, 125 km (78 miles) – Total so far: 9,010 km (5,599 miles)

A long day through some very interesting places, we cycled through three different countries; Italy, Monaco and France. Although the tiny Principality of Monaco only covers one square mile, it’s still a country in its own right and the eleventh we’ve visited on this tour.

Still in Italy for the morning, we had lunch in a botanical garden in San Remo and passed some beautiful coastline along with many other cyclists. I picked up a new cycling jersey from an Olmo shop near the border before we rode into France for the third time of the tour.

Then it was on to Monaco where we rode through the centre of Monte Carlo, then back to France and on to Nice, wonderful coastline this, Nice was fantastic to ride through. We are camping a few kilometres inland, about 15 km from the centre. Both of us are totally knackered, it was a hard day’s riding.

We were both happy and sad to leave Italy. We had some wonderful experiences, met some great people, and saw some wonderful things. But some of the behaviour by a sizable minority was appalling. Fly-tipping in the national parks, littering and general anti-social behaviour was pretty common. It happens in England too I know – I guess we just weren’t expecting it here. An Italian woman chucked an empty pack of cigarettes out of her car window as we crossed the border with France. Sums it up really. Happy to be back in France.

Menton, first town French side of the border

Menton, first town French side of the border

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