Day 140: Pisa to Volastra

Sunday August 21, 2005, 94 km (58 miles) – Total so far: 8,648 km (5,374 miles)

It rained for most of the night so everything’s a bit wet and muddy. The weather brightened up a little during the day but it was pouring again by the time we found an apartment to rent in Volastra, high up in the cliffs above the Mediterranean. €€65 is a small price to pay to get us out of that weather. We’ve been watching the chaos unfold on the news this evening. There has been a month’s rainfall in the last 24 hours and not just rain, there were violent hailstorms and even tornados in the Bay of Naples, and all this in the middle of August.

Most of today’s ride was flat (we were overtaken by a pro-bike race on the sea front) but the last 20 km or so were in the mountains that will now be with us into France. It was hard work, and there is yet more rain forecast for tomorrow.

The dramatic coastline of Cinque Terre

The dramatic coastline of Cinque Terre

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