Day 139: Florence to Pisa

Saturday August 20, 2005, 106 km (66 miles) – Total so far: 8,554 km (5,315 miles)

We followed the River Arno from Florence so the ride to Pisa was almost entirely flat. It was very hot and muggy today so not ideal for cycling.

The campsite in Pisa is excellent, a real contrast to Florence which was just awful. We did enjoy some good entertainment in the bar last night though, a Celtic folk duo with a Norwegian human beat-box provided some interesting music.

They have a tower here in Pisa that is famous because it leans, actually to a much greater extent that I’d realised. The rest of the town looked fairly ordinary, pleasant enough, but Venice it ain’t. Actually, to be fair, if Pisa was in the UK it would be a major tourist destination. We’ve just become accustomed to seeing so much beautiful architecture that it starts to look ordinary.

An avenue of pines on our route back to the coast

An avenue of pines on our route back to the coast

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