Day 13: St Emilion to Bergerac

Saturday April 16, 2005, 68 km (42 miles) – Total so far: 827 km (514 miles)

We had a fairly short ride along the Dordogne from St Emilion via Castillon and St Foy to Bergerac. It was great scenery but a real shame about the weather (again). Come on France – what have we done to deserve this? (at least the wind is behind us).

We’ve checked into the cheapest hotel in town opposite the railway station. It looks like the sort of place you can rent rooms by the hour. I did my laundry in the sink using the free hotel soap.

This place is a bit cheaper than yesterday’s but it’s proving difficult to stick to our €€60 budget whilst we’re not able to camp. Roll on summer.

The long-term forecast before we left England suggested that summer 2005 could be the hottest for 200 years, but they neglected to mention that spring 2005 would be the wettest since records began.

Entering the town of Bergerac

Entering the town of Bergerac

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