Day 129: Baia Domizia to Cassino

Wednesday August 10, 2005, 77 km (48 miles) – Total so far: 7,916 km (4,919 miles)

We arrived early in Cassino, had lunch in a nice shady park and then found the campsite. It’s quite an eerie place, there aren’t many campers and the lady who runs it has loads of dogs that roam the site. The site has its own thermal spring and the waters apparently are good for your liver.

During the afternoon, we took a ride up to the Abbey at Montecassino and visited the Polish Cemetery where 1052 soldiers are buried. If you add that to the 4265 buried in the Commonwealth Cemetery we visited on the way into town, plus the French, German and Italian cemeteries and you have more than 30,000 who lost their lives here during the battles of 1944. Tragic. Many of the graves showed the ages of the soldiers; the oldest I found was a 47-year-old officer, most were in their 20s or late teens, which is far younger than both Agata and me.

The Garigliano River at Minturno

The Garigliano River at Minturno


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