Day 128: Sorrento to Baia Domizia

Tuesday August 9, 2005, 101 km (63 miles) – Total so far: 7,839 km (4,871 miles)

We took a ferry in the morning from Sorrento to Napoli (Naples to us English speakers) avoiding the dangerous coast road to the city, and with it, almost certain death!

We had lunch on the sea front in Napoli before a nasty 100 km along a busy coast road, at times the road didn’t allow cycling forcing us to make long detours through the rubbish-strewn countryside. The roadside dumping of rubbish in this area is the worst we’ve seen. The locals should be ashamed of themselves.

Our campsite tonight is the Baia Domizia Villaggio, a giant tourist complex with shops, a church and even a doctor. It’s on the coast and has a nice cover of trees. I swam in the sea whilst watching a fantastic sunset over the mountains to the north.

High rise housing in Napoli

High rise housing in Napoli

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