Day 124: Ariano Irpino to Sorrento

Friday August 5, 2005, 133 km (83 miles) – Total so far: 7,738 km (4,808 miles)

The day started off surprisingly cold with grey skies and the threat of rain. Breakfast in the Agritourismo didn’t live up to expectations after last night’s superb feed, and therefore we were both hungry, actually starving, by the time we lunched in Avellino.

We managed to find a map of Campania in a kiosk in Avellino which was lucky as without one we would never have made it to the coast. The coast road from Pompeii to Sorrento was pretty hectic with some crazy driving, we feel lucky to be alive. However, the view from the campsite makes it all worthwhile. We’re camping under olive trees with a superb view of Vesuvius. The campsite is slightly reminiscent of Verona (without the appalling smell) with dry, dusty terraced pitches and some really great views.

The countryside near Ariano Irpino

The countryside near Ariano Irpino, one of my favourie photographs


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