Day 123: Foggia –to Ariano Irpino

Thursday August 4, 2005, 83 km (52 miles) – Total so far: 7,605 km (4,726 miles)

Superb beds in Hotel Venezia – we got up late. They served a crap breakfast (one pastry in a sealed plastic bag) but we had a fantastic Chinese last night, the Cantonese duck was excellent. We also managed a pint of beer in a London theme pub, it felt like home.

We took the scenic route to Ariano Irpino over mountains covered with wind-farms, there were hundreds of windmills everywhere. I’ve never been this close to them before, they are surprisingly noisy.

We’re staying in an Agritourismo guest house costing €€42, the price includes our breakfast but dinner will cost extra. It’s better value than a hotel, not that there were any hotels in Ariano, which seems strange for a town of this size, and quite a picturesque one at that.

They obviously eat a lot of horses around here as we passed a few specialist horse meat butcher shops.

Breathtaking views from the wind farms at Faeto

Breathtaking views from the wind farms at Faeto

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