Day 121: Rodi Garganico to Mattinata

Tuesday August 2, 2005, 88 km (55 miles) – Total so far: 7,426 km (4,614 miles)

We followed the coast road around the national park and must have climbed 1500m. It was like being back in the mountains but with smaller climbs, very tiring but quite beautiful.

I got some great photos of steep cliffs above deep turquoise seas. Tonight’s campsite is just to the north of Mattinata and there’s a superb sounding folk band warming up; looks like we’re in for a treat.

Rubbish dumped in the national park included: an air-conditioning unit, an oven, several toilets and dozens of old car tyres. The Italians should be ashamed of themselves.

Look at the colour of that sea

Look at the colour of that sea

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