Day 117: Giulianova to Rocca San Giovanni

Friday July 29, 2005, 89 km (55 miles) – Total so far: 7,138 km (4,435 miles)

The traffic is much lighter now as the SS16 heads further south, the exception being Pescara which was absolute chaos. There seemed to be very little in the way of rules for drivers and none of the traffic lights were working. But the countryside down here is lovely and the sea crystal clear. I broke yet another spoke today, this time on the cassette side of the wheel so a cycle shop was needed for the repair.

It was difficult to find dinner this evening as we couldn’t find a shop or restaurant anywhere near the campsite. We’ve ended up in the campsite bar where we appear to be the only customers. As it turns out the campsite bar food is really good. Homemade gnocchi followed by veal and chips.

The 'SS16 Adriatica' coast road

The ‘SS16 Adriatica’ coast road

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