Day 115: Casteldimezzo to Sirolo

Wednesday July 27, 2005, 115 km (71 miles) – Total so far: 6,947 km (4,317 miles)

Today’s ride ended as it begun, on spectacular cliff tops overlooking the Adriatic sea. Unfortunately there happened to be a 75 km stretch of unpleasant private beaches and a fairly busy road in-between them.

We passed through a couple of fairly large cities; Pesaro was full of hustle and bustle with hordes of shoppers and almost everyone had a bicycle, and Ancona; a busy port with connections to Croatia, Greece and Turkey. Ancona proved the more difficult to navigate across and we were very lost on more than one occasion. We had a nasty climb up to the city’s cathedral only to have to ride all the way back down to the centre, but it did have good views from the top.

Tonight’s campsite, the Green Garden Village is perfectly acceptable but would be more appropriately named Brown Garden Village, as there’s no grass, just mud.

What a sight, beautiful

What a sight, beautiful

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